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Chess is for people of all ages. It can be learned at any age. You can learn, and play as long as you are happy learning new ideas. For children, if they enjoy what they are doing, then the chances of progress increase. We recommend that 6 years onwards is the right age to start learning chess in our Academy unless you have a spirited young child who is very keen to learn more and play. Then, we could make exceptions.

Each child learns at a different pace, but generally, our coaches will have your child knowing all the pieces and ready to play full games in eight to twelve weeks. Our goal is to be thorough and as fun as possible. We repeat lessons if necessary and can move through some aspects faster if needed.

It depends on the child’s level. If the child has already participated in different tournaments or has profiles on chess websites, we can recommend which of our instructors can start working with your child. In any case, we would first watch the game and then make a recommendation.

Payment goes through the PayPal application or via credit card transactions.

All lessons, both group and individual, are held online via Zoom, Skype or Google meet apps. Individual lessons are 1 hour long, while group lessons last from one to one and a half hours, depending on the group size.

The young children’s lessons last 45 minutes to one hour, but we would like to highlight the fact that this is only valid for children younger than 6 years old.

Gagunashvili Online Academy is registered in Georgia, and its instructors live and work in different parts of Europe.

Yes, we have a weekly individual players’ tournament that has been held for two years already and our students from different countries take part in it.

We also organize individual matches among our students, and we prepare them for tournaments and their first steps in chess competitions.

Yes, children have weekly tasks based on the lessons they had and they have to complete these tasks.

Yes, because chess can bring benefits to people regardless of their age.

Work dynamics depend on what you agree with your instructor.