The Chess

The most noble, subtle and exciting idea that still lasts.

Chess was born in India, where it is believed that chess appeared around 600s BC. However, there are many theories about where chess originated from: China, Russia, India, Central Asia, Pakistan… The game of chess went through many changes, and only in the 19th century, we got the form and the game rules that are known today.

What is


One of the early names of chess was chaturanga, and it was mentioned in the Indian epic Mahabharata. Translated from Sanskrit, this war game meant a war formation.

It is not clear how chaturanga developed further, but it is known that it transformed into chatrang, the game between two players, that spread from India and Pakistan to south and central parts of Asia. In chatrang, there was a new piece called firzan (counselor). The end of the game was either when all the opponent’s pieces were eliminated or by capturing the opponent’s king. By the 11th century, chatrang arrived in China, Japan, and Korea.

The great game made its way to Europe in the 10th century and came to Byzantine Empire through Persia, and what was more important for the spread of the game – chess made its way to Arabian Empire. The oldest game recorded in 10th-century manuscripts was played between a Baghdad historian and his disciple.

A billion for
the new millennium!

Until the 15th century, chess was considered to be a “royal game”, since it was very popular among the aristocracy and it was believed that chess could only be played at a royal court. Some kings and religious leaders would periodically ban the game of chess. One of them was King Louis IX, who banned it in 1254 because he thought that chess wasn’t useful and that it was boring. On the other hand, kings from England, Spain, and Russia were big fans of chess.

Today, we play chess on the board, online, it can be played through correspondence, and it is played by both children and adults. Tournaments are being organized for all categories and one of the main goals of the International Chess Federation – FIDE is for chess to be played by one billion people.